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  • Aquarium size (L x W x H)
  • Aquarium water type (fresh or salt)
  • Aquarium type (cichlids, loads or little plants etc.)
  • Current type of lighting and number of lamp






1 FAQ about controllers
1.1 How many LED bars can I connect to the 5-channel controller?

he amount of LED bars depends on the amount of Wattage used. The 5-channel controller can hold a maximum 250 Watt divided over the 5-channels.

Beside that is also depending on the power of your power adapter. For example: when you have a 100 Watt power adapter, you can not connect more lights than 80% of that amount: 80W.

Please note: it is possible to connect multiple LED bars to 1 channel.

1.2 How do I program the 5-channel controller?

On the page "manuals /schedules" of our website you can find a manual for installation and connecting of the controller.

Here you can also find preset schedules available to download.

1.3 How To connect the HVP aqua goldline to the 8 channel controller

Please see the video below:


1.4 How to connect 2X HVP Aqua goldLINE to the 8 channel controller

Please see the video below:


2 FAQ about LED bars
2.1 What is the warranty on HVP AQUA LED products?

The products of HVP Aqua are all made with the best available components. Therefore we can offer 2 years of warranty for manufactoring defaults on our LED products.

3 Questions about HVP AQUA
3.1 What are the shipping costs?

For orders above € 50,00 all shipping costs are free of charge. For orders under this amount we charge € 19,50 per shipment.

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